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SpeakerStream™ Training

The number one way for any professional to differentiate in a busy and congested business environment is to speak. Speak to a live audience. We are fortunate that so many livestream apps are popping up and bringing us the opportunity to speak to a live audience right from our home office, by simply pushing broadcast! This training is designed to give you the education, resources, tools AND inspiration you will need to incorporate livestream AND public speaking into your business or create a business out of speaking as a standalone.


2 One hour 1-1 Skype or Phone Session

Clarity, Goals Setting, Accountability, Review of Value Proposition

1 90 Minute 1-1 Skype or Phone Session

Goal Review, Accountability, Review of One Pager plus Q & A

Module 1 (complete)

EndStart - Write your speaking destination out with KEY pieces that are essential to staying accountable and committed to your overall goal. I not only walk you through the necessary parts, I give you a template guide to customize for your own speaking destination.

Module 2 complete

Value Proposition

Module 3 complete

10 Plug n Post Headers/Titles
these can be used right now for your Periscope titles, Presentation Titles and even Blog Posts Titles
2 Value Propositions with Corresponding Titles/Headers

Module 4 (April 9th)

SpeakerStream™ One Sheet

Module 5 (April 10th)

Social Media Blowout

Module 6 (April 15th)

Getting Paid for Non-Paying Events

*** Due to the price break during BETA Soft Launch, NO REFUNDS for this training course are available ***

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