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Lisa Illman

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DIY Press Pitching Kit

There is tremendous value in getting your brand, book and name into the media. If you are a Speaker, your media exposure can help you land great speaking opportunities. If you are an author, getting on national T.V. can help your bring attention to your book.

The credibility of your story in magazines, your name in newspapers, your product on T.V. is of enormous value. Not only can you gain new business, you can start to build a name for yourself as an expert in your field.

Hiring a PR firm can be very expensive, it also takes away from your opportunity to develop a relationship with the media. Building a relationship with the media is exactly how you can position yourself as a leader in what you do.

My name is Lisa Illman. I have been pitching the media myself for years. Not only have I been successful in getting my product on Good Morning America, into several key magazines and written up for many blogs I managed to get my Periscope story in just 3 months after I started live streaming. Weeks later I was contacted by my local newspaper who wrote a story about me, and I pitched another business magazine who is using me as a livestream expert in a top business publication. All three of these articles continues to help me as a livestream speaker and Periscope business consultant. Act now. Get your name into the media! You can leverage the exposure to help your business in several ways.

Included in your workshop:

Includes Video of 5 Step Process to Get Media Exposure in 90 Days or Less

2 Sample Emails to Editors for Easy Plug and Send

5 Sample Holiday Hooks for Email and Proposal Header for Easy Plug and Send

10 Sample Hooks for Email and Proposal Header for Easy Plug and Send

1 Sample Phone Script for Calling the Press for Easy Plug and Send

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